Opening Windows

Preventing Window Blind ‘Clatter’ on Open Windows

Office blinds installed on or near opening windows and doors need to be secured.

Air flowing through open windows will move window blinds installed on or near to them, causing the blinds to rattle(or ‘clatter’) against the window and frame, increasing the risk of damage to both the blind and window.

As well as potentially causing damage, the noise of the blinds hitting the window can cause stress and distraction for staff working nearby.

The air flow can cause the window blinds to become damaged and control cords tangled, especially if they are venetian blinds.

Our Anti-Clatter Roller Blinds and Anti-Clatter Venetian Blinds feature sturdy aluminium side guides to secure the window blinds, eliminating both noise and risk of damage, and ensuring your blinds remain working reliably.

Recommended Products

Window Blinds designed for trouble-free operation on opening windows.

GP Venetian Anti-Clatter Blinds

GP Venetian Anti-Clatter Blinds

Venetian blinds with side guides designed for doors and sloping and opening windows.

GP Visual Comfort Anti-Clatter Roller Blinds

GP Visual Comfort Anti-Clatter Roller Blinds

Designed for use on sloping and opening windows and doors.

Recommended Cassettes & Mechanisms

Side guides keep office blinds in place on opening windows.

Side Guides

Side Guides

Side guides for venetian and roller blinds allow the blinds to be used on sloping windows, opening windows and doors without the problems of sagging, tangling, breakage and noise. Sturdy guide wires keep the blinds in place and prevent them from rattling against the window frame, even when fully lowered.