Blackout Blinds

Maximum Light Control and Anti Glare Performance

Blackout blinds can elminate all natural light from a room - perfect for meeting rooms and auditoriums where screens and projectors are used, giving maximum glare reduction on computers terminals, or providing a total blackout environment for photosensitive processes.

As they comply with the Health and Safety Regulations 1992 (which implements the European Directive 90/270/EEC), they are ideal for computer environments.

Real Cost Savings for Your Business

By reducing solar heat gain and providing insulation blackout blinds reduce the cost of air conditioning in the summer and of heating in the winter. Depending on the fabric used, 11% to 15% in annual energy savings can be achieved.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature and reducing distracting glare on computer terminals keeps your staff motivated, improves concentration and reduces fatigue - increasing productivity, attendance and staff retention.

Protected from the harmful UV radiation of direct sunlight means your office furnishings last longer too.

Versatile Light Control

Our standard and total blackout blinds feature side guide channels to provide maximum blackout conditions. As the side channels hold the fabric securely in place the blinds are suitable for use on opening windows, sloping windows, partitions and doors with no risk of damage to the blackout blinds or window frames, and no distracting clattering.

Made to Measure and Built to Last

GP Blackout blinds are made to measure, ensuring the perfect fit and maximum light exclusion. Only the best components are used in our blackout blinds to ensure they are safe and easy to operate for years to come.

Find Out More

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Blackout Blinds Products

GP Dual Roller Blackout Blinds

GP Dual Roller Blackout Blinds

Office blinds featuring a mechanism with two rollers, allowing two different types of fabric to be mounted to the window simultaneously. Perfect for when there is only an occasional need for blackout conditions, but still a requirement for light control, privacy or energy savings using non-blackout blinds.

GP Total Blackout Blinds

GP Total Blackout Blinds

Blinds providing 100% blackout conditions for environments that need total light exclusion, making them ideal for manufacturing sites, laboratories, hospitals, or any other situation where photosensitive processes are involved. An enclosed cassette mechanism, side channels and a bottom profile ensures all light is excluded.

GP Blackout Blinds

GP Blackout Blinds

Our standard office blackout blinds - chain-operated roller blinds with side channels to provide an almost total blackout office environment. A sturdy enclosed cassette mechanism and side channels ensures the minimum of light intrusion from the top and sides of the blinds.

GP Budget Blackout Blinds

GP Budget Blackout Blinds

Cost-effective blackout blinds to provide near blackout conditions. The lack of side channels means some light can enter the room along the edges of the blinds. Designed with limited budgets in mind, but like all GP office blinds, still hard-wearing, robust and reliable.