Energy Saving Blinds

Office Blinds for Real Energy Savings

By reducing solar heat gain and air conditioning usage in summer, to providing insulation and cutting heating bills in winter, GP Energy Saving Blinds reduce office energy costs all year round.

Quantifiable Energy Cost Savings

Depending on the fabric used, 11% to 15% in annual energy savings can be achieved by reducing the air conditioning and heating used in a typical office environment.

Greater Productivity and Staff Retention

Hot conditions from solar heat gain considerably reduces the concentration levels of staff, and uncomfortable working conditions can significantly contribute to higher levels of staff turn-over and absenteeism.

Maintaining a comfortable working environment can really boost the productivity of your workforce, keeping them motivated and focussed for longer.

Eliminate Distracting Glare

Solar glare and reflections on screens and computer terminals can also have a negative impact on staff productivity. Distracting reflections and glare make concentration difficult and increase eye strain and fatigue amongst staff.

It is the employer’s responsibility under Health and Safety Regulations 1992 (EU Directive 90/270/EEC) to ensure staff are not affected by such conditions.

Installing window blinds in your office can eliminate glare, allowing your staff to concentrate on their job without discomfort and fatigue, and ensuring your workplace meets health and safety regulations.

Find Out More

To find out how office blinds can save your business energy costs and increase staff productivity, call us on 0845 003 7260 to discuss your requirements with an expert, contact us by email, or see our energy saving products below.

Energy Saving Blinds Products

GP Energy Saving Roller Blinds

GP Energy Saving Roller Blinds

Roller blinds to help your business cut energy bills and save money! Energy saving blinds reduce solar heat gain in summer to save air conditioning costs, and retain the heat in winter to reduce heating costs. The same features as our standard roller blinds, but with an efficient energy saving fabric.