Pleated Blinds

Simple, Elegant and Effective

The distinct appearance and simple operation of pleated blinds make them a popular choice for any office environment.

There is more to pleated blinds than just great looks and simple operation - they are a cost-effective way of reducing glare and controlling temperatures in any office.

Greater Comfort - Lower Energy Costs

Pleated blinds can reduce glare on VDUs and screens, improving staff concentration and performance while reducing fatigue caused from glare and reflections.

GP Pleated Blinds use a fabric with a high-performance solar protective coating to reduce solar heat gain, while providing insulation in colder conditions, giving staff a comfortable workplace while delivering energy cost savings for your business.

A Perfect Fit and Built to Last

GP Pleated Blinds are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit for your windows. Made with high quality components our pleated blinds are designed to provide years of easy and reliable use.

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Pleated Blinds Products

GP Pleated Blinds

GP Pleated Blinds

GP Pleated Blinds are an attractive and cost effective choice for controlling glare and providing outstanding solar and UV protection. Controlled by a cord with locking mechanism, pleated blinds are a simple and elegant solution for providing office dim out conditions.