Security Blinds

When 1 in 5 businesses is hit by crime over a 5 year period and 4 in 5 small to medium businesses are forced to close permantly either straight away or within the next 18 months as a result of a major incident security must be amongst your priorities.

The 1st Line of Defence

Despite being aesthetically pleasing security blinds provide a solid, reliable defence against crimes ranging from petty theft to terrorist bombings. Once fitted security blinds provide a visable and physical detterent to potential aggressors and withstand even the most determined attackers gaining access to your property, even stopping vehicles attempting to ram their way in.

In the event of an explosion; terror or industrial related, security blinds will protect the property and personel behind them, even if they were left open at the time of the attack. The blinds automatically snap shut when in proximity to an explosion and when combined with safety film on the window little to no glass penetrates the room, thus eliminating the leading cause of damage and injury.

Light and Privacy control made easy

Whilst being superb protection security blinds still function effectively as blinds allowing for full privacy and light control. The blades are rotatable in the same manner as vertical blinds, leaving them open allows in plentiful amounts of lightand by closing them further the amount of light can be reduced to avoid glare and provide shade. Closing them fully gives total privacy from view through the window and allows you to blackout the room to use projection devices or view screens un-obstructed by light.


Security Blinds Products