Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds for Flexible Office Light Control

Venetian blinds provide the most flexible and precise control of natural light for your office. From fully raised for full daylight to fully lowered and shut for almost complete darkness, venetian blinds can be adjusted for any level of natural light.

When venetian blinds are not fully shut they still allow an external view, giving staff a pleasant working environment.

Versatility for Every Window

Venetian blinds can be fitted to almost any window and door. In an air conditioned office with no open windows GP Venetian Blinds are the perfect solution. For opening windows in naturally ventilated buildings, sloping windows and doors GP Anti-Clatter Venetian Blinds use side guides to keep the blinds under control, eliminating noise and damage caused by circulating air and drafts.

Our venetian blinds are always made to measure, providing the perfect fit for your windows, and with over 120 colours and patterns available there is plenty of choice to colour-match your office furnishings.

Improved Comfort and Productivity - With Cost Savings

Venetian blinds can reduce glare on VDUs and screens, reducing fatigue and improving staff concentration and performance.

They can also reduce solar heat gain, giving your staff a more comfortable workplace while giving your business air conditioning and energy cost savings.

Mono Control for Usability, Safety and Durability

Our standard and anti-clatter venetians blinds are fitted with Mono Control for ease of use, safety, durability and a clean, tidy appearance.

Encapsulating the raising cord within the tilt control wand ensures the cord is not hanging lose, protecting it from tangling, breaking and becoming a hazard. The Mono Control improves usability by having the raising and tilting controls at one end of the window blind - great for wider windows or windows behind furniture.

Durability You Can Trust

Only the most robust components are used to make GP Venetian Blinds - and they are tough! When it comes to reliability, value for money and lowest cost of ownership they really are hard to beat.

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Venetian Blinds Products

GP Venetian Blinds

GP Venetian Blinds

Robust office venetian blinds providing the most flexible and precise light control. Supplied with 25mm ‘no holes’ slats for the maximum privacy and light exclusion. Fitted with a Mono Control for added durability, safety and ease of use. Available in over 120 colours and patterns to match your office furnishings.

GP Venetian Anti-Clatter Blinds

GP Venetian Anti-Clatter Blinds

The flexible light control of venetian blinds made suitable for sloping windows, opening windows and doors. Sturdy side guides prevent the problems of noise, damage and sagging normally associated with using venetian blinds in such situations. Fitted with a Mono Control for added durability, safety and ease of use.

GP Shaped Venetian Blinds

GP Shaped Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds designed for shaped windows. Fitted with a shaped headrail to allow the blinds to follow the contours of the window while still providing smooth, trouble-free operation. Supplied with 25mm ‘no holes’ slats for maximum privacy and light exclusion, and available in over 120 colours and patterns to match your office.