Vertical Blinds

Perfect Office Blinds For Any Size and Shape of Window

Vertical blinds are the ideal choice for larger office windows, made to measure for an exact fit on windows up to 5m wide and 4m tall. For curved or bay windows GP Shaped Vertical Blinds are the versatile and easy to use choice.

Flexible Natural Light Control

From fully open to fully closed, vertical blinds provide precise control of natural light. When partly open they provide an outside view for a motivating office environment, while giving a high level of privacy when shut.

Reducing Glare and Improving Productivity

Eliminating distracting glare on VDUs and screen reduces staff fatigue and improves concentration and productivity. GP Vertical Blinds provide a high reduction in glare, complying with the Health and Safety Regulations 1992 (EU Directive 90/270/EEC).

High Performing Elegance

Vertical blinds look great, and are available in a wide range of fabrics to complement your office. Specialised fabrics are available to meet you office demands for:

Blackout Blinds

For eliminating glare and reflections on meeting room projectors and screens.

Solar/UV Protection Office Blinds

Reducing solar glare for improving comfort and protecting office furnishings from the damaging UV radiation of direct sunlight.

Energy Saving Office Blinds

Reducing air conditioning load in summer and heating costs in winter for 11-15% annual energy savings.

Antibacterial Blinds

Wipe clean fabrics with antibacterial properties for areas where a hygienic environment is essential.

Easy to Use and Maintain

GP Vertical Blinds are quick and easy to use and adjustable from one side of the window - essential for extra wide office blinds. The detachable and easy to clean fabric louvres mean your office blinds stay looking good for longer.

Find Out More

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Vertical Blinds Products

GP Budget Vertical Blinds

GP Budget Vertical Blinds

An economical alternative to our standard vertical blinds. GP Budget Vertical Blinds still use a high quality durable fabric, but without the higher levels of solar and UV protection provided by our standard blinds. A mono control wand is used for safety and reliability.

GP Vertical Blinds

GP Vertical Blinds

Flexible control of natural light with the versatility to fit the largest of windows. A mono control wand makes the blinds easy to operate from a single point, and safer and less prone to damage by eliminating loose control chains. The fabric provides exceptional solar and UV protection to reduce your energy costs and prevent fading of furnishings.

GP VLC Vertical Blinds

GP VLC Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds for when cost really has to be the main consideration, but still made to a high standard. Fitted with a regular chain operated mechanism and a durable machine washable fabric for easy cleaning.

GP Public Places Vertical Blinds

GP Public Places Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds designed for use in places open to the public. A robust mono control wand eliminates loose control chains, making the blinds safer and less prone to damage. The hard-wearing fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning, perfect for maintaining appearances in areas of heavy public use.

GP Shaped Vertical Blinds

GP Shaped Vertical Blinds

The same great features as our standard vertical blinds, but with the extra versatility to fit shaped or bay windows. Flexible tracks allow the blinds to follow the contours of windows of any shape, while still providing the exceptional solar and UV protection, ease of use, reliability and safety of GP Vertical Blinds.