GP Venetian Anti-Clatter Blinds

Venetian Blinds for Sloping and Opening Windows and Doors

Venetian Blinds provide flexible light control, but regular venetian blinds may not be the obvious choice for sloping and opening windows.

On sloping windows venetian blinds need to be securely fixed to avoid sagging and allow smooth operation.

When installed on or near opening windows and doors venetian blinds can knock against the window, causing noise and tangling or damage to the blinds.

GP Venetian Anti-Clatter Blinds designed to overcome these problems, and are the perfect choice for installing blinds on sloping windows or in naturally ventilated offices.

Side Guides for Trouble Free Operation

Strong side guides are used to keep the venetian blinds in place, preventing sagging on sloping windows and stopping them hitting windows or tangling in the air flow from opening windows.

Added Usability, Safety and Durability

GP Venetians blinds are fitted with Mono Control, with the raising cord encapsulated within the tilt control wand.

The Mono Control prevents cords hanging loose from sloping windows, snagging in opening windows or tangled by air flow.

Fabric / Material

GP Venetian

GP Venetian

Durable aluminium venetian blind slats coated in the highest quality polyester paint. Our venetian blind slats are designed and tested to withstand the toughest of conditions without blistering, corrosion, peeling and failure. Available in over 120 colours and patterns to perfectly complement your office furnishings.

Cassette / Mechanism

Mono Control

Mono Control

Simple opening and closing control and tilt adjustment for venetian and vertical blinds, using a mono control wand for added usability, safety and durability. Loose cords are eliminated preventing tangling and breaking, while providing a convenient single point of control for the adjusting the blinds.

Side Guides

Side Guides

Side guides for venetian and roller blinds allow the blinds to be used on sloping windows, opening windows and doors without the problems of sagging, tangling, breakage and noise. Sturdy guide wires keep the blinds in place and prevent them from rattling against the window frame, even when fully lowered.