GP Energy Saving Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds for Saving Energy and Money

GP Energy Saving Roller Blinds control solar heat gain in summer to reduce air conditioning load and running costs, while providing insulation to retain heat in the winter to reduce heating costs.

The high performance solar protective fabric can give 11% to 15% in annual energy savings by reducing the air conditioning and heating used in a typical office environment.

Reducing the solar heat gain in an office delivers real energy cost savings to any business, while ensuring staff have a comfortable and productive place of work.

Even though the blinds provide outstanding solar heat control performance the fabric still allows some natural light through to help create a pleasant office working environment.

A spring assisted chain mechanism provides smooth and easy raising and control of the roller blinds.

Key Features

  • Spring assisted chain mechanism for easy operation
  • Solar protective coating
  • Allows some natural light through
  • Flame retardant

Fabric / Material

GP Energy Saver

GP Energy Saver

GP Energy Saver fabric features a solar protective coating to filter and reflect light more effectively than conventional window blind fabrics. Reducing solar heat gain and allowing some natural light through provides a comfortable and productive workplace while reducing air conditioning use and giving real energy cost savings to any business.

Cassette / Mechanism

Side Controls

Side Controls

Compared to blinds with central control cords, side controls improve ease of use, especially on wider office blinds or blinds fitted behind desks. The height of the controls do not change with the position of the blinds so are always safe and easy to reach, even when the blinds are fully raised.

Spring Assisted Chain Mechanism

Spring Assisted Chain Mechanism

Spring assisted raising action and precise, easy to use chain control for most types of roller blinds. The spring assisted roller mechanism allows roller blinds to be raised with very little effort, while the chain control allows precise adjustment for raising and lowering the blinds for flexible light control.