GP Shaped Venetian Blinds

Flexible Light Control for Any Shaped Window

Venetian blinds provide the most flexible light control for natural light, and GP Shaped Venetian Blinds brings that flexibility to any shaped window.

GP Shaped Venetian Blinds are fitted with a shaped headrail to allow the blinds to follow the contours of the window while still providing smooth, reliable and trouble-free operation.

The blinds feature ‘No Hole’ privacy slats as standard, with no visible cord holes when the blinds are closed for improved room light exclusion, privacy and anti-glare performance.

Safe and easy operation and durability is provided by a mono control wand, eliminating any loose adjustment cords.

Key Features

  • Shaped headrail for any shaped window
  • ‘No Hole’ privacy slats for
  • Mono Control wand for safety and usability

Fabric / Material

GP Venetian

GP Venetian

Durable aluminium venetian blind slats coated in the highest quality polyester paint. Our venetian blind slats are designed and tested to withstand the toughest of conditions without blistering, corrosion, peeling and failure. Available in over 120 colours and patterns to perfectly complement your office furnishings.

Cassette / Mechanism

Mono Control

Mono Control

Simple opening and closing control and tilt adjustment for venetian and vertical blinds, using a mono control wand for added usability, safety and durability. Loose cords are eliminated preventing tangling and breaking, while providing a convenient single point of control for the adjusting the blinds.