GP Venetian Blinds

Robust Venetian Blinds with Immaculate Appearance

GP Venetian Blinds are designed to provide the maximum flexibility in light control, durability and ease of use - and look as good as they perform.

With no hanging cords or visible cord holes, GP Venetian Blinds have a clean, elegant appearance, and with over 120 colours and finishes to choose there is bound to be a perfect colour match for your office.

Usability, Safety and Durability as Standard

GP Venetians blinds are fitted with Mono Control, with the raising cord encapsulated within the transparent tilt control wand.

The Mono Control ensures cords are not hanging loose, protecting them from tangling and damage and preventing them from becoming a hazard. It also keeps both tilting and raising controls at the same end of the blind for ease of use, particularly on larger windows or windows behind furniture.

25mm ‘No Hole’ Privacy Slats

GP Venetian Blinds come with 25mm ‘No Hole’ privacy slats as standard, with no visible cord holes when the blinds are closed.

The slats provide improved room darkening performance and ensure sun-spots on VDUs, screens and work areas are eliminated, while giving an immaculate finish to the blinds when closed.

Slat widths of 15mm, 35mm and 50mm are also available.

Optimum Anti-glare Performance

GP Venetian Blinds provide the maximum reduction in glare on screens and VDUs, complying with Health and Safety Regulations 1992 and European Directive 90/270/EEC, making them the ideal choice for computer environments.

Fabric / Material

GP Venetian

GP Venetian

Durable aluminium venetian blind slats coated in the highest quality polyester paint. Our venetian blind slats are designed and tested to withstand the toughest of conditions without blistering, corrosion, peeling and failure. Available in over 120 colours and patterns to perfectly complement your office furnishings.

Cassette / Mechanism

Mono Control

Mono Control

Simple opening and closing control and tilt adjustment for venetian and vertical blinds, using a mono control wand for added usability, safety and durability. Loose cords are eliminated preventing tangling and breaking, while providing a convenient single point of control for the adjusting the blinds.