GP Vertical Blinds

Flexible Light Control on the Largest Windows

GP Vertical Blinds combine flexible control of natural light with the versatility to fit the largest of office windows.

The fabric provides exceptional solar and UV protection yet still allows some natural light through, keeping staff comfortable and productive while reducing air conditioning usage and energy costs, and preventing fading of furnishings.

A mono control wand allows easy operation from a single point, making the blinds safer and less prone to damage while encouraging their correct use.

A wide bodied headrail ensures the vertical blinds work smoothly and reliably, ensuring your business benefits from trouble-free operation.

Key Features

  • Solar protective coating
  • Allows some natural light through
  • Safe and robust mono control wand
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Flame retardant

Fabric / Material

GP Energy Saver

GP Energy Saver

GP Energy Saver fabric features a solar protective coating to filter and reflect light more effectively than conventional window blind fabrics. Reducing solar heat gain and allowing some natural light through provides a comfortable and productive workplace while reducing air conditioning use and giving real energy cost savings to any business.

Cassette / Mechanism

Mono Control

Mono Control

Simple opening and closing control and tilt adjustment for venetian and vertical blinds, using a mono control wand for added usability, safety and durability. Loose cords are eliminated preventing tangling and breaking, while providing a convenient single point of control for the adjusting the blinds.

Wide Bodied Headrail

Wide Bodied Headrail

A 40mm wide bodied vertical blind head-rail, significantly wider than typical domestic mechanisms for smoother operation and greater durability and reliability. Detachable hooks allow the vertical blind slats to be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. White powder coated for a long lasting and attractive appearance.