GP VLC Vertical Blinds

High Quality, Low Cost Blinds

GP VLC Vertical Blinds provide flexible light control for more restrictive budgets, while still offering great quality.

Although not as feature-rich as our standard vertical blinds, the blinds are still designed for reliabilty and ease of use.

The chain operated mechanism provides easy and precise control of the blinds, and the fabric allows in some natural light for a comfortable office environment.

The fabric is machine washable for easily maintaining its long-term appearance.

Key Features

  • Chain operation

  • Machine washable fabric
  • Allows some natural light through
  • Machine washable for vertical blinds
  • Flame retardant

Fabric / Material

GP Budget Fabric

GP Budget Fabric

A cost-effective dim out fabric that allows some natural light through for a comfortable office environment. When used for vertical blinds the fabric can be removed and machine washed for easy regular cleaning. GP Budget Fabric offers both great quality and outstanding value for the more restricted budgets.